Postdoctoral Fellowships, Call for Applications: Authoritarian Capitalism, Reactionary Populism & Counter-Strategies

Dear colleagues,

We´re delighted to send you our Call for Applications entitled Authoritarian Capitalism, Reactionary Populism & Counter-Strategies. Global Perspectives from the South.

The Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung will fund up to ten post-doc-scholarships worldwide in the Global South (which due to our financing in this case means ODA recipient countries) to realize individual research projects at institutions in the South and to participate in our International Research Group on Authoritarianism & Counter-Strategies.

We´re seeking for research proposals on the global entanglements of authoritarian politics, reactionary movements and ideologies, and emancipatory counter-strategies. We are especially interested in studies that propose a global perspective for and from the Global South on this issue, i.e. that critically relate regional problems to global economic and power relations and transnational actor networks and propose creative, inter- and transdisciplinary research strategies. We favor scholar-activist methodologies—i.e. rigorous academic work that is embedded in actual left-wing political projects, movements or initiatives—and are looking for research output that reflect this scholar-activist character.

We ask interested scholars themselves to find a suitable institution as well as a mentor for their project. We ask you to circulate our call widely, and if you yourselves have candidates in mind you are welcome to provide them with a recommendation letter, of course. All necessary documents can of course be downloaded at our application portal. Please note that funding starts earliest in November 2019 and ends in December 2021. Financial support provided to postdoctoral researchers will be based on salaries paid for comparable, full-time academic positions in the region, and as such will vary from country to country.

Application deadline is 4 August 2019.

If you have any doubts, don´t hesitate to contact us directly or write to

Best wishes from Berlin,

Börries Nehe & Tanja Brosch-Dobesch

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