Call for Offers: Call for Audio Visual Services (outsourcing contract)


The Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung is a German organization affiliated with the German Left Party. It is one of the largest educational institutions in Germany. Regarding its international work, RLS is active in more than 25 countries with development and education projects funded by the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and the Federal Foreign Office.


Call for Offers: Call for Audio Visual Services (outsourcing contract)


Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Regional Office Palestine & Jordan (RLS) is looking for professional and reliable audio-visual content production company for providing RLS with audiovisual services in between (2019-2021).

We are looking for price quotes for services should include but not limited to the following:


  • Audio Visual Documentation services

As we are running different events throughout the year, we want to have a proper documentation for these events, and in order to do so, please include in your offer the prices for the following items:

  • Camera person/day
  • Sound person/day
  • Camera units/day
  • Sound kit/day
  • Production expenses/day



  • Please be aware the all the logistics included in this service should be taken care by the production company, and covered by the production expenses item, should including traveling, catering and any miscellaneous relate for the crew and production.
  • Camera Kit must include: video recorder (no DSLR) with XLR input, and with recording format (1080i, H264), Mattbox, Tripod.
  • Sound Kit must include: Boom, Boom Stick, a set of 2 wireless Microphones, and cables.


  • Post production services

In some events we’ll require to edit the documented events, so we would need the price for editing up to 5 min from the event, the price should include the following items:


  • Editing unit
  • Editor
  • Sound mix
  • Basic grading
  • Title graphics
  • Translation and subtitling


All submitted material has to be as following:

  • For Raw videos: Quick Time Movie, 1920×1080, H264, Stereo sound
  • For Edited video: Quick Time Movie, 1080i, ProRes 422, Stereo Sound
  • For DVDs: Open Region SD DVD


  • Subtitling Videos and Films

The selected company should be responsible in coordinating the process of translating and subtitling the required material to one or more language, this service should include following up with translators, copy editors, and video editors, the submitted subtitles should be as SRT or STL file with correct time code of the video.

The price of subtitling job should include making DVDs with the option of choosing languages on DVD players.


  • Audio Visual Archiving:

From signing the

contract, the selected company should be keeping audio visual archive for the period of the contract safe and accessible, and it has to be delivered after the contract ends organized on 2 Hard Drive (USB3 and Thunderbolt). Part of this service should include formatting and compressions of any of videos to fit the requirement of the institute (to /from: MP4, AVI, And any other video format). Also, the company should have the ability to convert any video format to Quick time movie files, wither it’s from older formats such as (Bitacams, DV, VHS) or newer formats such as (DVD, HD cam, Bluray) in order to add to the archive when needed.

If you are interested in working with RLS in between 2019-2021, please send us your application including the following:

  • Short profile of company (including list of references, if available)
  • Price quotation in EUR (for each item, including tax)


Item Unit Price (Euro)
Audio Visual Documentation services
Camera person Per day
Sound person Per day
Camera units Per day
Sound kit Per day
Production Expenses Per day
Post production services
Editing 5 min Per unit
Subtitling Videos and Films
Subtitling Per min
Translation Arabic/German Per 250 words
Translation Arabic/English Per 250 words
DVD menu Per unit
Audio Visual Archiving:
Audio Visual archiving Services Per month
4TB HD (ThunderBolt) Per unit
4TB HD (USB 3) Per unit
DVD copy Per unit


If your firm is interested in this call  and is available during the timeframe, Please submit your financial offer for the required service by January 30 , 2019 to:


Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Regional Office Palestine & Jordan

Al Atari Building, (second floor)

Al Tireh St.,



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