Let’s talk about Gaza. An interview with Heba and Basel about debates in Gaza: a celebration of knowledge

Heba and Basel are debate coaches working on the Debate Dialogue Discussion (DDD) project in Palestine.

How did the debates start in Gaza?
Basel: I took a training course in debating skills at Persperg in the USA for almost ten months in 2011, at a very small school in Oregon State. The program included political thinking, public speaking, research methods and research for debates. A competition was conducted by the school and I won second place.
I came back to Gaza and I wanted to continue the debates. It has become a habit for me. Unfortunately I didn’t find anyone interested in joining me, so I started teaching how to debate in order to have someone to practice with. Heba, Yasser Ashour and I started a small debate group in 2013. Our first debate concerned the Jewish people’s right to live in Palestine. We were very happy to have had a productive debate from day one in the Arabic language.

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